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Examples of Applications

KEZLEX is adopted at hands-on seminars and surgical sites.

Hands-on Seminars

Hands-on Seminars

Hands-on Seminars

Our models were used at the following Hnads-on Seminars.



Hands-On Seminar Photo

Dr. Tatsuya Ishikawa of Research Institue for Brain and Blood Vessels, Akita, Japan.
He supervised KEZLEX #A36 and #B61, and now demonstrating deep anastomosis using these models.

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Simulation of Surgery

Simulation of Surgery Photo

To ensure more accurate and efficient surgery

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Japan Society for Head and Neck Cancer, Professor and Chairman, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Dr. Seiji Kishimoto adopts KEZLEX to perform a more efficient surgery.

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