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About Ono & Co.

Message from the President

President and CEO Hidenori Ono
Hidenori Ono
President and CEO

Since its foundation in 1897, Ono & Co. has built a solid reputation as a wholesale and retail distributor of steel products. We have many long-standing clients who have been satisfied with our ability to deliver detailed specifications for over 70 years.

We are now expanding our business into the field of medical models by using additive manufacturing technology. We hope our medical models, KEZLEX®, will serve to facilitate both training and actual surgery in the field of microsurgery.

We continue to strive to make the best products to exact specifications to meet our clients’ every needs. We can make your ideas a reality.


Warehouses of Ono and Co. in the 1920s.

Ono and Co.. dates back to 1897, when Sotaro Ono, grandfather of the present president, founded Ono Steel Company in Tokyo.

Since then, Ono Steel Company has encountered many ups and downs, but thanks to the business booms after the Russo-Japanese War, the WWI, and the WWII, it has survived as the steel trading company with the longest-running history in Tokyo.

Seven former members of our company have gone to set up their own companies within the industry. We have happily had the chance to do business with them.

― Photo - Warehouses of Ono and Co. in the 1920s.

Company Profile

Name Ono & Co.
Foundation November 1, 1897
Establishment July 30, 1999
Capital 10 million yen
Annual Sales 3 billion yen
Head Office 2-12-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104 0061, Japan
TEL:+81 3 3544 5351
FAX:+81 3 3544 5353
President Hidenori Ono
  • Sales of steel products
  • Manufacturing and sales of three dimensional models
  • Sales of resin products
Main Bank Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank
The Shokochukin Bank

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