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KEZLEX Features

Here we introduce the characteristics of KEZLEX® manufactured by Ono & Co., LTD.

You can shave, drill, or clip our models with actual surgical equipment just like you would with actual human tissues. Based on patients’ CT/MRI data, the inner structure is precisely recreated.

Why we named our products KEZLEX:
Kezulu means "to shave" or "to drill" in Japanese.
Kezurelu, a conjugated form of Kezulu, means "can be drilled" or "can be shaved."
We added "ex" to express our models excellence, and "x" to express that we will manufacture any kind of models upon your request.


A tool to support“more accurate”“more efficient”“less invasive”surgery.

KEZLEX Temporal Bone

  • 3D modeling based on CT/ MRI scanning data
  • Minute tissues precisely recreated
    (e.g. aneurysms, ossicles)
  • Tubular tissues precisely recreated
    (e.g. neural tubes, semicircular canals)
  • Soft tissues precisely recreated
    (e.g. aneurysms, tumors)
  • Manufactured with materials of your choice
    • Drilling of hard tissues resembles drilling of actual human bones
      (e.g. skull base, temporal bone)
    • Stretching/cutting of soft tissues resembles stretching/cutting of actual human tissues
      (e.g. brain, aneurysm)


KEZLEX Semicircular Canal (with movable statoliths )

Presurgical simulation
KEZLEX precisely recreates the inner structure, so you can discuss and run through the optimal surgery among your team using actual surgical instruments.
(e.g. endoscopic surgery, anastomosis)
Education for surgeons and medical students
It can be amplified or segmented, so it is the best tool for educational purposes.
You can explain clearly the surgical procedure to your patients.
You can mirror image the patient’s normal regions to make implants.
Manufacturers of medical equipments
Manufacturers can demonstrate the use of their equipment at exhibitions.

Relevant Parties

  • Neurological surgery
  • Head and Neck surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • ENT surgery
  • Oral surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • ENT surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Dental surgery
3D medical models KEZLEX® obtains patents in many countries, e.g., US, GB, Germany, France, China and Japan.

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∗ Please specify
(i) your name and
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when you contact us.

∗ We will offer price reductions for orders of large quantities.